ED-Media has a lot to offer. Partnering with us, gives you access to our knowledge and experience.

-Marketing platform: our partners can make use of our platform to publish content regarding their products and services. They get exclusive access to our website with marketing and sales tips, trics and articles.

· Marketing & sales training: if you want to train your staff, we can offer you tailormade training modules & workshops covering a wide variety of topics.

· Coaching: we can offer tailormade coaching programs for you or your staff. With a focus on strategy, marketing, sales and personal growth.

· Marketing/Sales plan: do you need help with your marketing or sales plan? We can offer our services. This can also apply to single campaigns for specific purposes or products.

· Content: if you need help with content creation, our team is ready to help you. Written content as well as video, photographing, podcasts and so on. We are specialized in content marketing, as a one-time service or as a long running campaign.

· Advertising: we can develop & create advertisements for all different kinds of media. From graphics, text, video, banners to advertorials. You can also use our platform to advertise your products and services. From a one-time to a long running campaign.

· Company video’s: A company video helps your company to offer a comprehensive overview of your company, products and services. We can help you from the idea stage to complete production and distribution.

· In case you have a different need, please feel free to ask if we can help you with a custom service.