ED-Media About us

ED-Media was founded by people active in the industry and community. It is a company dedicated to the Knife & Every Day Carry niche. We take care of the marketing for companies working in this industry. For example: knifemakers, manufacturers, retailers and suppliers selling knives, flashlights, keychains, watches, pens and other related products. Working with our company will improve your marketing, generating more leads and increase sales.

We are doing this with simple, yet very effective and innovative techniques. For each budget we have a suitable solution. Working with our company will be refreshing!

Check out our program. Just use the contactform to get in touch.

Our team

Henk Hakvoort
Former marketing director of WE Knife Company. With a background as a & marketing professional. Active in the knife industry and community for many years, both as professional and as a passionated collector. Co-founder of Bladestock.

Henk Kramer
Sale professional and troubleshooter in logistics for many years. Started collecting all sorts of knives, watches, pens and lighters as a kid. Co-founder of Bladestock.

Steven Rietveld
Originally started as an animator and designer, he has been working as a marketing & sales professional at senior management and board level for more then 20 years. A passionated collector of custom/handmade knives, pens and watches.