Free Publicity for your handmade / custom knives

Especially for knife makers and other edc related craftsmen/women we are offering a free service. One of the things we do, is maintaining a platform for knife (related) content. For this platform we publish a periodical news show, called Facts & Rumours from the Knife Industry. In this show we cover each month several topics based on press releases and other news we get from a variety of companies.

Between topics we show handmade work of craftsmen/women. For free. If you want to use this free service, without any obligations, you can send us a quality, high resolution photograph with your work. And maybe your work will be featured in our next episode of Facts & Rumours of the Knife Industry.


The photo needs to be:

  • High resolution and good quality
  • Preferred landscape format
  • You are the owner of the photo
  • The subject of the photo is YOUR work
  • The photo needs to be stamped with your NAME and COUNTRY so people know you made it when they see the picture

Online marketing

For most companies (active in the knife & every day carry industry or edc) it is not doable to invest and research in proper, effective & efficient marketing. For most of us, it soon will become a nightmare with definitions like SEO, Ranking, Analysis, Tags, Indexing and so on. And lots of experts willing to help you out for exhorbitant budgets.

ED Media will take care of this, if you are looking for a business partner that really understands your business. We offer a total package for a reasonable budget and a very effective approach to get your marketing on a higher level. Just contact us for details. It will be a huge surprise to experience a business partner really listening to your needs and adjusting to your budget, yet offering an effective strategy with increasing sales and happy customers.

We can offer several packages depending on your needs & budget. Don’s hesistate. Contacting us will cost you nothing. And be assured, we will not spam you afterwards. We will respect your decision at all time.