Free Publicity for your handmade / custom knives

Especially for knife makers and other edc related craftsmen/women we are offering a free service. One of the things we do, is maintaining a platform for knife (related) content. For this platform we publish a periodical news show, called Facts & Rumours from the Knife Industry. In this show we cover each month several topics based on press releases and other news we get from a variety of companies.

Between topics we show handmade work of craftsmen/women. For free. If you want to use this free service, without any obligations, you can send us a quality, high resolution photograph with your work. And maybe your work will be featured in our next episode of Facts & Rumours of the Knife Industry.


The photo needs to be:

  • High resolution and good quality
  • Preferred landscape format
  • You are the owner of the photo
  • The subject of the photo is YOUR work
  • The photo needs to be stamped with your NAME and COUNTRY so people know you made it when they see the picture

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